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OFCC 2015 Warhammer Fantasy Team Event - Approved Team Roster.

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OFCC 2015 Warhammer Fantasy Team Event - Approved Team Roster

Please note these are approved teams - registered teams will be finalized when the Ordo Store has the tickets available for purchase.

1. The Dimensional Cascade Podcast
2. Da Momma's Boyz - Team Nut Punch
3. Abusement Park
4. Hammered Heads - Original
5. Hammered Heads - Classic
6. Order of the Black Sheep
7. Scared Hitless
8. Shop of Chop
9. Calamitous Detonation
10. Team Dice Age
11. The Nerd Council
12. Da Mommaz Boyz- SMOOTH CRIMINALS
13. Team Borderlands
14. Ordo Alpha
15. Team America: Warhammer Police

16. Ordo Alfalfa

17.  CHOP! - Team 4 Causing Unrest Never Tasted Sweeter

18.  The Bellingham Warhamsters

19.   Team Borderlands Two

20.   W4rh4mm3r 1s rU1neD!!1!1!!




Based on cancellations and conflicts in schedules, we are opening up the event for all team registrations.

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