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New League ideas?


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Hey guys, I am still pretty new to 40k but am taking over the league at my store and am really getting into it. I could use some ideas on how to make it fun for all. We are running kill teams currently until February when we will start a new league, generally a month long but that could be changed. Anyways I have a few questions for you guys that get out and play more,


1. What kind of leagues are out there as possibilities? Kill teams and Escalation are the only I know of. (I was thinking Escalation might be good since we have a few newer players.)

2. What were some qualities about leagues that you have been in that you enjoyed?

3. What were some qualities about leagues that you have been in that you did not enjoy?

4. Any random advice?


We have a Facebook group already and one thing I was thinking of once I get a my army fully painted was to start putting up an occasional battle report.

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1. Loads, basically depends on the players' willingness to try other variants of the game. Off hand:

-Team games.

-Escalating games.


-Free for alls.

-Kill teams.



and that's just the ones that are simple describe.


I'm personally partial to a odd format with 500pt armies which immediately deep strike into play whenever one player wipes the other. The new army faces the previous winner. Can be loads of fun, though is completely pointless and doesn't really end.


2&3. Good leagues are organized well. Proper communication is very important. Did a league where the person running it did a great job creating the setting for a campaign of several matches, but barely showed up to any of the game nights. Rather disappointing on that end.


4. Just have fun. If you bother making a league of players, make sure they are all having fun. You really only need to make a league if organization is needed to make it fun.

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