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H: Necron W: $


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Hello Ordo,


My free time has greatly diminished, and I've found I have no use for a 2nd 40k Army. Because of this, I'm looking to sell my Necrons. I do live up in Seattle, but I will also be visiting Portland the first weekend in May for a Malifaux.



(NIB) Doom/Night Scythe

(NIB) Ghost Ark/Doomsday Ark

3 Cryptek (sprue)

5 Warriors (in bitz)



12 Scarab Bases

2 Annihilation Barges

1 Doomsday Ark

2 Night Scythe

2 Canoptek Spyders

1 Destroyer Lord

6 Wraiths

2 Crypteks

2 Necron Lords

30 Warriors

5 Deathmarks

10 Immortals


All cost me about 800 new, around 400 used I believe sounds fair.


If you happen to have either Avalon Hills "Star Wars: Queens Gambit" and/or Mayfair Games "Spacefairs of Catan" we can work out a trade as well.



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