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Warmachine Cygnar For Sale/Trade


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I have a good size collection of Cygnar models and rule books for Sale/Trade. I have all but 2 cards.


The lot is priced at $250 which is 50% of retail.


I'll trade at retail $ for retail $. I'm looking for in order of preference  40K Orcs, Bolt Action, Saga, Empire, Dwarfs, and perhaps Flames of War


At the moment, I'm not interested in parting it out. The prices are current retail and are there for reference.


I'll listen and reply to all offers. Thanks for looking.





Captain Kara Sloan (bare) $12

Captain Victoria Haley (bare) $8

Commander Coleman Stryker (painted) $8

Lieutenant Allister Caine (painted) $12

Major Markus “Siege” Brisbane (painted) $18




Captain Maxwell Finn (NIB) $13

Journeyman Warcaster (painted) $9

Journeyman Warcaster Alternate Pose (primed black/no card) $9

Squire (painted) $10

Stormsmith Storm Callers (bare) $18




Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team (bare) $17

Field Mechaniks (primed black) $25

Long Gun Infantry (bare box set) $50



Light Jacks


Charger (primed grey) $19

Charger (primed grey) $19

Lancer (primed grey) $19

Sentinel (bare) $19

Thorn (bare/no card) $28


Heavy Jacks


Cyclone (some paint) $35

Defender (painted) $35

Ironclad (painted) $35




Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator (bare) $6




Warmachine Template Set (nib) $10

Forces of Cygnar (hardback) $45

Warmachine Prime MK II (softcover) $30

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