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For sale/trade: Pro Painted BA/CSM/SM Army

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So LVO has come and gone, a bit of bad luck and not enough prep caused me to be unable to repeat my GT portion win from last year.


Anyway, time to build a fun to play army. I've decided on Ork Speed Freaks, particularly mass bikers.


So I'm looking for cash or Ork Warbikes. Failing that, any bikes will do. Orks like to loot after all.


While I am willing to buy for cheap, and I do mean CHEAP, I have the following to trade:


DIY. Army:


This army is a DIY Space Marine Chapter I have named the "Red Templars". I first thought of doing my own Chapter when I was a poor college student and decided that a "counts as" chapter that could be used as several different space marine armies would not only be fluffy, but a smart monetary decision.


I have used this army as Blood Angels, Chaos Space Marines, Space Marines, and Space Wolves.


They are converted to be just far enough out there that they could be more radical loyalist space marines, or recently fallen to chaos like the Blood Gorgons.


Most of the models are professionally painted to a tabletop or above standard by Red Dragon Painting in the UK, others to a table top quality by an old buddy who was a Golden Daemon winner back in the day. Many models are heavily converted/scultped.


This is truly a unique army.


I have decided however, that it's time for change. With a new baby on the way I have no money to buy a new army. But I was hoping to either trade these guys for a Tyranid army or sell em.


HQ with wings

HQ/Tech Marine

* I simply say HQ here. Remember these are multi-purpose models so they can be a Librarian, Chapter Master, Chaplain, Sorceror, Chaos Lord, or whatever you want. I regularly use the first guy as Mephiston/Dante/Sanguinor*


6x HQ/Thunder Wolf Marines

*Converted Marines mounted on Blood Crushers. Mix of storm shields, hammers, fists. Use them as Thunder Wolves or HQs riding Thunder Wolves.


Space Marines/CSM Squads (40 or so marines)

*These guys are converted from a mix of space marine, blood angel, space wolf, csm, and chaos warrior bits. There are 4 with plasma guns, 4 with lascannons, 10 with ccw/bolt pistol, 4-5 Sergeant models (4 powerfists), many have bolter, bolt pistol, and ccw (remember multi purpose models). I can provide extra boltgun bits if you would like the ccw/pistol marines to be outfitted.


4x rhino/razors

*These have been built with a detachable roof hatch that come with twin heavy bolters, lascannon/twin plasma, or a flat rhino hatch.*


Rhino (command/alt paint scheme)

*This rhino has a slightly different paint scheme, I was using it as a command rhino*


16 Jump Pack/Raptors/Death Company/Veterans

*One of the biggest highlight of the army. These guys all have hand sculpted Angel Wings that look amazing. 3 melta guns, 3 flamers, 2 leaders with power fists. They are currently mounted on 40mms bases but can easily be rebased*


4x Obliterators


3x Forge World Dreadnoughts

*Converted from: One Night Lord pattern, one Thousand Son pattern, One Alpha Legion pattern. 2x twin autocannons. Magnetized to use the extra bits below.


Extra Forge World Dreadnought Bits

*Multi-melta, 2x chain weapons, painted twin lascannon, painted chain weapon.


Even without the amazing conversion and paint work this army is over $1000 in retail product. With the professional painting and conversion/sculpting work I would value it much higher.


***If you want to buy it, make me an offer.***




Cash. Again, I will only buy for very cheap.




10x Painted Bloodletters (Metal Axe Version, much cooler imo)

Old School Bloodletter command NIB (very rare)




10x new Kabalite Warriors NoS

8-10x Sprues of Previous Editions Kabalite Warriors

3x Metal Kabalite Warrior with Dark Lance

1x Dark Lance Bit (metal)




1x Captain Tycho NIB

2x Flamestorm Cannon bits

1x Older Model Rhino (Painted)

GK Storm Bolter Arms

2 Land Speeders



CSM Codex

Chaos Daemon Codex

IG Heavy Weapon Bits

Metal Warhammer Egrimm Van Horstmann on Dragon (missing wings)

Wood Elf Dryad bits

Fantasy zombie/skeleton bits

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2 of the Forge World Converted Dreadnoughts:






Juggernaughts/Thunder Wolves






HQ/Tech HQ:



Winged HQ (Mephiston/Dante/Chaos Lord/Sorcerer/etc



Death Company/Jump Pack Veterans/Raptors (hand sculpted angel wings):




Razorbacks with each type of turret:




Some of the Marines:




More Marines:




A few more:



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