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H: lots of paints GW, Vallejo, P3, Army Painter W: Cash possible trades


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Im not hurting for money but I havent painted anything in quite a while. I have a pretty sizeable paint collection. Don't PM me and say how much, PM me with an offer. I dont plan to part out the supplies but will happily accept a fair offer and can meet up for an exchange locally or ship. Please remember to include the cost of shipping in your offer. Newer members may not know me, make offers with confidence and feel free to look up my trade history on Bartertown. I always list here first for all my local friends in the community.



Paint collection includes


Full GW paint set. Including all GW colors except for the newest technical paints. It has some of them but not all.


Vallejo paints there are several of these paints someplace in the neighborhood of 20-25 different colors.


I also have a smattering of Army Painter/P3 paints, not a ton but a little bit


All paints have stainless steel balls inside of the pots. All paints have been stored in a cool dark environment. There is probably better than $600 in paint but Im not looking for that. I am looking to have a walkin in closet emptied out and willing to entertain any reasonable offer.   


If you choose to buy this lot I will include my other hobby supplies including brushes, sculpting tools, green stuff, glue, exacto knives cutting board and lazy susan designed to hold brushes and paints.




I would consider trades for the following 


Sparring gear--martial arts

Heavy bag or bag stand or both

backpacking gear

kick/punch shields


Sparing gear---fencing

Master series/collector series legos from star wars

Good quality fixed gear or 10 speed road bike

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