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Annihilation Missions


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For tomorrow's Ordo Annihilation, here are your missions and the special rules for the event.  There is still space, come roll dice!



Each mission is a modification of a standard Maelstrom mission.  Each is modified in the following way:


Card Draw

When you draw a card, if it is impossible to achieve with your army, or because of your opponent’s army, you may immediately discard it and draw another.  


Cards that award d3 victory points award 2.


Twist of Fate Tokens

In each game, a player gets two Twist of Fate Tokens.  These can be spent these to re-roll a single dice.  So you could re-roll a scatter dice, an armor save, warlord trait, a to hit roll, a reserves roll, one psychic dice, etc.   You may only re-roll a single dice.   You may also spend a token to discard a maelstrom card and immediately draw a new card.


Maelstrom Victory Points

You score tactical objective points as normal, ie at the end of each player turn.  At the end of each GAME TURN you total who got the most points for that turn.  You only count points achieved that game turn, you do not carry over from previous game turns.   (So unlike typical Maelstrom games, you don’t keep a running tally for the entire game).  Whoever achieved the most victory points “won” that turn.  In the case of a tie, both players are credited with a “win” for the game turn.


The first player to “win” four game turns wins the primary objective.  The game ends when a player wins four turns, whether that is at the end of turn 4, or turn 7 (the maximum the game could go).  Think of it like a tennis match, and each game turn is a set, and when you win enough sets you win the match.  


Winning the primary objective is worth 5 battle points.  In addition, you get one battle point for each of the following:


·      Slay the Warlord (per rulebook)

·      Linebreaker (per rulebook)

·      First Blood (per rulebook)

·      Twist of Fate:  Each Twist of Fate token used by your opponent (max 2) and unused by you (max 2) is worth 1 battle point. 


For a maximum possible 10 battle points each round.



Maelstrom Mission #1: Cleanse and Control

Dawn of War Deployment

Roll for Night Fighting

No mysterious objectives



Maelstrom of War #3 Tactical Escalation

Hammer and Anvil Deployment

Roll for Night Fighting

No mysterious objectives



Maelstrom Mission #6: Deadlock

Vanguard Deployment

Roll for Night Fighting

No mysterious objectives



You can obviously see this is an unusual rules set and format.  Small events like this are good for experimentation.  Trying new things and seeing what works and what doesn't helps Ordo in planning big events like OFCC.  Some things may work for this, some may not.   In any case, there will be good prizes and some great food.  Relax and have fun.

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Question:  Can you discard a card that was achieved in a previous turn, i.e. slay the warlord?

Answer:  If the card cannot be achieved when it is drawn, you can discard it.  If it was possible when it was drawn, but becomes impossible during the game, then no, unless you want to spend a Twist of Fate token

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Would have been really nice to know about these a week ago...


EDIT: Don't worry, I'll be fine and I'm not really complaining. I'm just overthinking this prior to it happening and that's got me a bit on edge. I'll have lots of fun on the day of, no matter what.

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