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Warhammer Fantasy Errata Questions

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I am going through the latest errata and I am noticing a lot of rules updates that conflict with what I am used to seeing.


1. Update to BRB page 55 seems to say that you cannot combat reform to face a unit after receiving a rear charge.


2. Update to BRB page 63 seems to say you have to flee away from terrain and the unit. Not just the unit.

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1. The unit may not contact a different facing on the ENEMY unit. I.E. you can't slide around to flank a unit via a combat reform (that would be disastrous but hilarious to watch).


2. I think that change is in case a piece of terrain caused the damage (dangerous terrain, wild wood, etc). Otherwise, you would flee from the nearest unit even if you took damage from dangerous terrain. I will confirm that when I have my rulebook in hand.

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