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  1. This is my go-to site for this sort of thing: http://www.solegends.com/citadel/catindex.htm Then again, I'm usually looking for 80s Skaven. They may not have much in the way of newer models, but I saw some 90s and 2000s catalogs listed.
  2. Any updates? Even I did some modelling this week. There's not even a tournament tomorrow! Do you realize how rare this is?
  3. Man, the one day I don't check the forum every hour. And now Andrew has taken my first spot! Never again!
  4. Oh man, can't wait to see this on the table one day. Question: How is working with the resin? I allegedly have a model coming from Mierce... sometime... and I've never worked with resin before. I've read that pinning is basically mandatory and that I should wash it before priming. Is there anything else I need to know? Oh and wear PPE if I'm going nuts with a file or something. And don't cut, saw as it can snap. I'm hoping I won't need to do much of that anyway.
  5. How is it that I always have to paint models before tournaments? You'd think I would have them all painted by now...
  6. That is a lot of Chameleons. Maybe 2x5? Also, that's a huge block of Saurians. Holy crap. I feel like you could use a Vet Cowboy. Can you get that if you drop all the Chameleons? I should make a list...
  7. I haven't read it all yet, but you know, I was there. I figured it out, it was all the giant rats' fault. If they weren't in my way you wouldn't have been able to get so close without being threatened by my blocks. I may have ran the whole thing in UB one evening, at least from your vanguard on. One day I'll figure out how to run this list. The world needs more Doomrants 🙂
  8. Battlescribe is typically the answer. We wish for better, but it works.
  9. Looks good. Some thoughts: Wizard Apprentices can only get the number one spell and the hereditary. Spells cannot normally be cast multiple times in the same phase, even by different wizards. The DL hereditary is fairly unique with the replicable tag which allows it to be cast multiple times in the same phase by different wizards. If that's your plan, great. If your plan was to cast the Divination number one spell over and over, that's not gonna work. However, they would still count as Divination wizards for The Conclave rule. The next two are just my opinions, you can take them or leave them. Personally, I wouldn't run a character with a "chaff" unit like Sirens. That just makes the unit more expensive if you need to sacrifice it. Also, I wouldn't join characters to the Mageblight Gremlins as then they can't use their special Ambush rule. But the hard target can be useful as a defence. Oddly enough, shooting hits can't be distributed to a character in that unit, if there are enough (5) models as they are both standard beast, even though they are on different base sizes. Although I see now that the max unit size is four, so that'll never happen. Otherwise, it looks good! Can't wait to see it on the table.
  10. Yes, sort of. Bows have Volley Fire, which allows the whole unit to ignore intervening Standard sized models if one model in the unit can see the target. So if you run the archers ten wide and the spears five wide, you'll usually be able to see.
  11. It takes some getting used to. Coming from 8th whfb, it feel like my character is naked if he doesn't have a 2+ rerollable and a 4+ ward. Then I get into combat and remember that the enemy doesn't have it either 🙂
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