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  1. Padding the PNW! Making it look like there are more than the four of us with your alter egos :) I must have missed that! All I saw was that Omer swiped my best Western VS title with his performance at Tides. Next year the pressure will be on to keep up my good performance! It won't be easy, especially if I commit to not using the Pendulum. So far I'm 9/40 BP without it. I like my crutch 😞
  2. I definitely ran a unit of 100 slaves once right when 8th came out. Precisely once.
  3. I'd bite. 11 points for a fast cav model? Wow. The real issue is that 5 fast cav does the same job as 15... for cheaper. I challenge you to find a good use for 15 Outriders!
  4. That's 48? Oh geez. What's the recipe for 8 CR? 3 ranks, banner, bsb, 2 legions? That gets me to 7. Oh it's not a BSB. The Castellan can just be an extra banner and you can take 2, each with a Legion enchantment.
  5. You guys are killing me. I'm going to have something like 5 armies by the end of the year, I don't need a 6th. Especially when my heart belongs to the rats 💗
  6. Now that Donnie has moved on from Highborn Elves, is it my turn to join the fray? I thought a good first step would be to finally dust off my dragon. It had been sitting at my parents for about 10 years. I never knew how to get it up here as I was always flying and it wasn't exactly compact (a wing had been glued on). Well it turns out if you wait long enough, things will happen. My parents moved up here and solved that problem for me by bring it with them! Unfortunately, during those ten years, my nieces and nephews has come upon it and many of my other models that were stored there. Here is what the dragon looked like when I finally got my hands on it again. The missing tail piece was long gone even before I left it behind. What's broken here is the lance, which already had a pin, the banner and a wing. One wing was glued, the other was a press fit. The rider was never glued on. Here it is after I glued everything back together. I'm really impressed with how the banner came out. It was such a small tip at the end that I was worried it would just fall off. And here is the whole army, sans the dragon. Maybe I'll bring it out next game day? Who knows. I haven't thought about a list yet but I'm sure I'll come up with something soon.
  7. Then again, if you looked at some Pink Horrors, there's no reason you'd expect them to shoot either. Yay Daemons!
  8. Other than the shooty bits, that works perfectly.
  9. Yes, the Hope Harvester can go in any r&f unit that is on... 25x25 or 50x50 or 25x50, etc. As long as it is a Matching Base, it can be inside. It will not get kicked out of the unit as long as there is at least one other model in the unit. After that, it doesn't matter since there is no unit.
  10. You have three Full Ranks. For the purposes of ranks, he counts as two models. I am a particular abuser of this rule as I have my 60x100 Plague Pendulum in a unit of of 20 20x20 Plague Brotherhood. This means when I am five wide I have a total of seven Full Ranks. There is no rule requiring that March be higher than Advance. Historically chariots couldn't march. Rather than have a separate rule saying "cannot march", they just set the March rate such that you will never choose to march. I suppose there is no reason they couldn't have set it to 0, since you will never use it.
  11. Correct. All valid pivot moves can be completed by a reform, but not all reform moves can be done by a pivot.
  12. Pivot specifically comes up in two contexts: Single models units can pivot as many times as they want while advancing (aka not charging). Monsters, single chariots, etc. Post combat pivot. After you win combat, the enemy flees and you choose not to pursue/overrun, you can either pivot or reform. The key bit here is that you lose scoring until the beginning of the next player turn. This is to prevent winning a combat on the last turn and then reforming into a 20-30 wide conga line in order to get an objective. Also, you cannot charge immediately after performing a post combat reform (so if you finish a combat on the enemy turn, you cannot reform and then charge on your turn). I guess that's two key bits.
  13. I could easily see a two headed sorcerer dragon showing up in a list as a Sorcerer on Wasteland Dragon. One head is the caster, the other head is the Dragon :)
  14. Yeah... you will be. I have to put "tentative" for now. Birth and all that. I don't want to make any commitments that I may not keep.
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