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Anyone want to go splitsies on an Armada core set?


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I'm semi-interested in Armada but not terribly interested in the $100 price tag to fool around with it. I'm only interested in rebels at this point so I figured maybe someone already into it would want to split it maybe 60/40 with me.


Another Star destroyer, some TIEs, all the requisite tokens for You.


Rebel ships, range ruler, plastic snake, and dice for me.


Anyone interested?

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You can't fit 3 into a 300 point list without taking practically zero fighters and I can't see myself not taking an ISD at 400. I mean, I'm sure there will come a point when I want to do a crazy 1000 point battle or something, but for now I'm sticking with 2 per ship.

Pfffsh! This is why Russ is my sugar daddy!

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