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H: Khorne Daemonkin W: Necrons, GK, Army Swap, $$

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Greetings Ordo!

A friend of mine has a Khorne Daemonkin army that he is looking to trade or sell. All of the models are new and at least primed but he doesn't like the army's play style. He's a very new player and really wants to trade it for Necrons or Grey Knights but is entertaining other army swaps or cash offers.

The lot consists of:

(All models are the newest sculpts from the latest Khorne releases)

1 Bloodthirster (partially assembled, no primer or paint, new plastic kit)
1 Herald of Khorne (Finecast, painted)
5 Possessed (primed purple )
10 Chaos Marines (primed red)
12 Berzerkers (primed red)
20 Dark Vengeance Cultists (primed black)
6 Dark Vengeance Chosen (primed red)
1 plastic Daemon Prince (painted)
2 Chaos Land Raiders (painted)
1 Dark Vengeance Helbrute (primed red)
1 Helbrute (primed red)
20 Bloodletters (painted)
3 Bloodcrushers (primed black)
5 Chaos Terminators (primed red)
1 Dark Vengeance CSM Character (painted)

1 Khorne Daemonkin Codex

Send me a PM and I'll reply quickly. I can email or text an army pic right away, and can get detailed pics if requested. Not looking to break it up at this time. The army is located in Wenatchee but I'll be collecting it in two weeks and can meet someone in western WA/OR or shipping can be arranged. Thanks for looking!

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