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H: Random 40k bits W: Space Wolf Blood Claws, and random bits


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Hey guys and gals, would like to keep this trade in Longview if possible.


Looking for random Space Wolf/Marine bits.

-Fenrisian Wolves

-Blood Claw Marines

-Terminator shoulders

-Bits from blood Claw sprues

-AoBR Captain Terminator


I have:


6 Dwarf Command Sprues with a couple extra heads.

Lots of little Chaos Marine bits like icons, bolters and arms, lots of heads.

80 Space Marine Beakie Heads. New, never used.

Landspeeder Typhoon, stripped and missing pilots and antennae.

Ork Shoota arms and guns x20

6 Power Klaws

12 Boss Poles

3 Sets of Kneeling Space Marine legs


Models in Pic :D



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