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Pax's clean home project....


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Far too many things at home. Home is messy and I am a disorganized gamer. Going to try to sell/trade to shrink my collections. PMs for interest, or reply to the thread. Pictures added with legitimate interest shown. I'll be adding to the list gradually.





Card Games

Large stack of Star Trek Cards, all white bordered, but in good condition


Board Games

Deluxe Edition Scrabble (by "deluxe" it means it comes with a fancy plastic board that swivels)


Books and Comics

V for Vendetta (color, 1990 comic, 286 pages, used)

Cult Mechanicus Codex (Current)

Cult Mechanicus Codex Datacards (Current)

Grey Knights Codex (Current)

Grey Kknight Datacards (Current)

Vampire Counts Army book (Current)

Tomb Kings Army Book (Current)


Electronics and Electronic Related

Fallout 3 (Case, disc and manual, PC DVD)


40k Miniatures (and bits)

5x Night Lords CSM "Batwing heads" (metal)

Night Lords CSM "Batwing Jump Pack" (metal)

Khorne Bezerker with Chainsword (just one arm on the model, metal)

5x Khorne Bezerker with Chainsword (parts for the plastic 3-piece bezerkers)

2x Khorne Bezerker Bolt Pistol Arm (parts for the plastic 3-piece bezerkers)

18x Khorne Bezerker Backpack (parts for the plastic 3-piece bezerkers)

Sisters of Battle dual whip "witch huntress" (metal, 1 hand+whip bit missing)

Servo Skull "candle" Familiar (metal)

AM/IG Gaunt (Missing Sword Arm, metal)

Necron Tomb Spyder Leg (metal)

Necron Tomb Spyder Torso (metal)

Chaos Daemonette (arm missing, metal)

2x Chaos Fiend of Slaanesh (metal)

35x Space Marines with bolters (plastic, red painted marines)

Fire Storm Redoubt (plastic, unfinished paint)

Fortress of Redemption (plastic, tabletop legal unfinished paint job)

10x Eldar Dark Reapers (Finecast, primed black)


WHFB Miniatures

Warrior of Chaos with Halberd (metal)


Firestorm Armada

Return of the Overseers Dimensional Gate (plastic, unpainted, unassembled)

Return of the Overseers Anathema Probe (plastic, unpainted, unassembled)







40k Specifics

Ezekiel (metal)

Sammael on Jetbike (metal)

Leman Russ (metal)


WHFB Specifics

White Lion Chariot Lions (just the plastic lion models, looking for as many as I can get)


Firestorm Armada Specifics

Aquan Prime Snapper Corvettes


Books and Comics

SW Datacards


40k General

Daemons of Tzeentch (Metal, mostly looking for Horrors)

Space Marines (Metal, any chapter)



Army Transportation/Storage Containers

Cash, Paypal.


Other (Work instead of payment)

Warframe "Platinum" in-game currency (this can be freely obtained via PS+ membership starter pack in the PS store, but is once per account does take some time to do. So if you've no real interest in the game, you can get roughly $6 in Warframe money which can be given to me in game. Not sure if Steam or Xbox has a similar option.)




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