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H: High Elves W: $$ and Trade


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I have a very large High Elf army for sale/trade and I am open to all sorts of offers. The army has no paint on it and mostly bare, NIB, and NOS. I have it all boxed up as I was going to send it to a friend but his store wants to play X-Wing and the fantasy league isn't starting up so I am offering it here. Normally I offer things for 50% off but since this army is in great condition with the majority of extra bits and bobs going with it I am offering it at 40% off.

After reviewing the price of 855 dollars I realized that it is still quite high in value and most people can't do that price so I am also taking trade as well. I DO NOT WANT AN ARMY SWAP. I could use perhaps a smaller army and some cash or units from a bunch of armies and some cash. In total, if you don't offer any cash don't offer period. The total retail on this lot is 1,425 dollars. I will not ship to Canada or International as one of the boxes is quite large to hold all the monsters and nicely assembled units.

PM me with your thoughts as I have also posted the trades as well. If I don't list it, you could try worst I could say is no. If the list looks odd it is from multiple boxes of things so I recorded it as I pulled out the models and placed them back in the boxes to be shipped. For Ordo members I am willing to do a bit more trade but I still will need some cash.

High Elf Army List
1 Loremaster of Hoeth
1 Alarielle the Radiant
1 Lord/Prince on Foot carrying a standard
1 Prince on a Griffon
1 Archmage
1 Mage on a Horse
1 Mage
1 Elf Lord on a Dragon (I built the sword variant and mage variant to swap either or)

20 Spearmen
20 Archers
5 Ellyrian Reavers
8 Silver Helms
White lions NiB

10 Dragon Princes of Caledor
2 Repeater Bolt Throwers
1 White Lion Chariot
1 Lothern Skycutter
1 Frostheart Pheonix
2 Great Eagles (From The Hobbit Miniature game, NiB)

10 random DE crossbows.

Island of Blood box set
2 Movement Tray sets still in packaging
Hardcover HE Codex
Templates, dice, and small rulebook that come from Island of Blood box set.

20 White Lions (primed grey)
Kohril (metal)
30 Seaguard

Teclis OOP Metal
Mage Metal
BSB RARE on foot Metal
IOB Mage
Custom Green stuff Fire Mage
Caradryan Metal
Prince on Lion from Dragon Kit
White Lion Chariot with 3 extra lions and bits
10 IOB Reavers
3 OOP Metal Reavers NIB
4 OOP Metal Dragon Princes with Bits to convert horses back to Silverhelms
22 NIB Phoenix Guard with 2 Commands OOP Metals
6 oop metal Phoenix guard assembled
10 Primed silverhelms
10 primed archers
13 spearmen

Trade List
I don’t normally accept Finecast unless the miniature has only been created in Finecast.
Eldar: Wraithknight and Seer Council on Jetbikes
GK’s: Plastic Terminator Daemonhammers, Metal Terminator Heraldry shields and Henchmen
SoB: Heavy Flamer sisters, meltagun sisters, priests, and also Special Characters
Space Marines: Metal Veterans of all types
BA: Special characters
Tau: Riptide battlesuits and special characters also Krootox and Kroot Dogs
Daemons: Metal plague bearers and daemonic steeds
Dogs of War: Riccos Pikemen, Bearmen of Ursolo, and Estalians
Kislev: Kossars
Dwarfs: Warmachines and Plastic hammerers/Iron drakes
WE: Treekin, Wild Riders, and Sisters of the Thorn
Ogre Kingdoms: Mournfangs, New Plastic beasties, warmachines
WoC: Hellcannon, special characters, and Shaggoth or other monsters
Any army that doesn’t have a starter box
Arbites & Redemptionists

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