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Alright ladies and gents, I got into 40K pretty heavy with the Grey Knights a while back just before the local store I played at closed. Now that I don't play with a regular crowd, I find myself moving towards other games. So I'd like to turn my Knights into some Star Wars stuff or the cash to buy some SW stuff. Pics can be found via the photobucket link here:



Here's a list of what I've got:



Warhammer 40K:

Grey Knights - Retail: $627, Asking: $300

1x Purgation Squad (10 Models, x4 Psycannon, x1 Demon Hammer, x1 Warding Stave, x1 Sword, x3 Halberd)

1x Strike Squad (10 models, x2 Incinerators, x1 Demon Hammer, x1 Warding Stave, x6 Halberd)

1x Paladin Squad (5 models, x1 Standard, x1 Apothecary, x1 Gatling Psylincer, x1 Warding Stave, x1 Halberd)

1x Terminator Squad (5 models, x1 Falchions, x1 Hammer and Psycannon, x1 Halberd, x1 Warding Stave, x1 Sword)

1x Interceptor Squad (10 Models, x2 Falchions, x2 Sword, x2 Halberd, x1 Warding Stave, x1 Demon Hammer, x1 Psycannon, x1 Gatling Psylincer)

1x Land Raider Redeemer

1x Storm Raven Gunship

2x Rhino/Razorback


1x Forgeworld Dreadnaught Chasis

Tin full of remaining bits from various armies (Grey Knights, Nids, Tau, Space Marines)


Codex: Grey Knights

Grey Knights Data Cards

Cities of Death Tactical Objective Cards (Full Set)


Dark Eldar - Retail: $230, Asking: $130
1x Scourge Unit (10 models, x3 Splinter Cannon, x1 Heat Lance, x1 Agonizer)
1x Lilith Hesperax (Pewter)
1x Archon (Finecast)
1x Voidraven Bomber
Codex: Dark Eldar
Dark Eldar Data Cards


Warhammer: Invasion LCG - Retail: $40, Asking $15
- Core Set

Lord of the Rings LCG - Retail: $40, Asking: $15
- Core Set

Star Wars LCG - Retail: $320, Asking: $150
- Core Set (x2)
- Balance of the Force Deluxe Expansion
- Edge of Darkness Deluxe Expansion
- Hoth Cycle Force Packs (6 of 6)
- Echoes of the Force Force Packs (6 of 6)

Game of Thrones LCG - Retail: $320, Asking: $100
- Core Set (x2)
- Princes of the Sun Deluxe Expansion
- Kings of the Storm Deluxe Expansion
- Lords of Winter Deluxe Expansion
- Kings of the Sea Deluxe Expansion
- Brotherhood Without Banners Cycle (6 of 6)
- The War of the Five Kings Chapter Pack
- Forgotten Fellowship Chapter Pack




++++Imperial Assault (Core Set + Expansions)++++

  - Retail Value for everything that's available is just under $180

++Relic: Halls of Terra Expansion++

Star Wars: Armada Expansions

  - Fighter Packs (2 Rebel and 1 Imperial)

  - Nebulon B Expansion

  - Corellian Corvette Expansion

  - Assault Frigate Mk II Expansion

  - Victory Star Destroyer Expansion

  - Retail Value is just under $200 for all of the above expansions

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG

  - Looking for Expansion books


Thanks for looking!

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