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Eldar Transfers


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I recently purchased an Eldar Crimson Hunter box to put together...


But upon opening it, I do not see any transfer/decal sheet.


Is this the norm? The pictures on the box have what appear to be decals all over the thing, and I remember back in the old days, I'd get transfers with some vehicle purchases (at least I think we did? Been awhile).


Was I just shorted by the GW packers, or do I have to find transfers some other way? I don't see them on the GW store listing either...


Any input appreciated! :)


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Call GW and tell them via customer service. I bought an Immolator a while back and it didn't have transfers or the Gun Glass. Called GW, and had em 2 days later.


They still do that? Just call up with missing bits and they mail 'em out? Cool!


Thanks Chappy.

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Back when apocalypse launched and we had those awesome GW deals, I bought a 4-pack of land raiders. One had a single deformed reactor plate. They sent me an entire new land raider.

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Generally not. You may get a free kit out of this. lol


I called and explained to customer service and the friendly guy I talked to said it was no problem. He didn't say he'd send a whole kit, but if I can at least get the transfers that SHOULD be in the box, I'd be good to go!


And then I got to thinking... when was the last time I had to call GW about a missing bit? And I think it was 1998ish. Been awhile!

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