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**300$ Space Marine Army For Sale


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I am looking to sell my Space Marine Army! They were modelled after a "fluffyish" Crimson Fists army and partially painted toward that theme.

What I have:

Space Marine hardback army book

Pedro Kantor
Chaplain w/ Jump pack
Librarian (from the Dark Vengeance box)

5x Terminators with Missile Launcher dude
Ironclad Dreadnought (all arms included and not fully attached for game customization)(Also has crimson fist metal "decal" applied)
9x Vets. Four of which are the "Tyrannic War" vet box. 3 Have combi-melta's. I will also supply extra meltaguns for more conversion opportunities

10x Tactical Marines, one sergeant, one Plasma gun, one Missle Launcher
10x Sniper Scouts, one has Missile Launcher.
5x CCW Scouts (Sergeant has powerfist for fluff)

Razorback w/ TL Heavy Bolter (included is top hatch for easy Rhino swap, has crimson fist metal decals)
Drop Pod (crimson fist metal decals)
Land Speeder Storm (basic load out)

Fast Attack:
Storm Talon (I believe all weapons available and unattached, I was planning on magnetizing)
Land Speeder (Pintle-mounted Multi-melta, under-mount Heavy Flamer/Multi-melta included, with Crimson Fist metal decals)

Heavy Support:
Predator (this is actually an out of print older version, I think from around 4-5 edition. It is kitted out with the Crimson Fist metal decals)
Land Raider Redeemer (w/ pintle mounted multi-melta, also kitted with Crimson Fist metal decals)

Random troops have the crimson fist metal decal upgrades, also included is a few more Crimson Fist metal heads/backpacks command upgrade.
ALL spare sprue bits have been saved. I was first owner of all of these models

All models are assembled, and primed black. Most of first undercoat of "Kantor Blue." 5 Sniper Scouts and 8 Tactical squad members are fully painted to a solid table ready degree. Pictures for a look at a few of the painted tactical squad can be found here:

I would really like to sell this as one batch. It retails at 616$ when I added it up.

Looking for serious inquiries and I can supply further pictures. Prefer not ship, though willing to. I am also willing to drive and meet anywhere from the Canadian border to Seattle (Im in Bellingham).

Thank you,

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