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General Ordo Blood Bowl Ordinances (GOBBO)


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General Ordo Blood Bowl Ordinance (GOBBO)




Welcome to Ordo Bowl. The purpose of the GOBBO is to provide a general set of rules that will apply to ALL Ordo Bowl leagues. These rules may be amended by specific league rules, but will be done so sparingly.


  1. Registration:

    1. All coaches are required to be a member in good standing of Ordo Fanaticus. To register with Ordo Fantaticus please go to www.ordofanaticus.com and create an account if you are not currently a member.

    2. After becoming a member of Ordo Fanaticus you must also register on the Ordo Bowl site located at www.ordobowl.com. When registering to become an Ordo Bowl coach you MUST use the same screen name as the one used on Ordo Fanaticus. Again, use the SAME screen name as you use for the Ordo Fanaticus forums. I can repeat it a third time if needed.

  2. Rules:

    1. Teams can be chosen from the Blood Bowl Competition Rules, The New Teams addition, and the Khorne Team from the Cyanide Blood Bowl game (info below).

    2. The Blood Bowl Competition Rules  will be the ruleset used for all games. See also the Clarifications section on the NAF site for interpretations.

    3. The Commissioner can levy fines and penalties on teams and/or coaches as they see fit.

    4. Coaches must use the Ordo Bowl website to track matches and team advancement. If you are not familiar with how to use the software, please feel free to contact the commissioner, or admin staff. Thier contact info will be at the bottom.

    5. If either player requests that a single set of dice are used for a game, then both players will use only one set of dice during the match.

    6. For leagues with a set schedule, there will be penalties for not playing your game in the allotted time frame. These penalties will be described in a league's specific rules.

    7. The Ordo Fanaticus Code of Conduct [link] applies to all Ordo Bowl events and all information posted on the Ordo Bowl site. If needed, further requirements around sportsmanship and conduct will be implemented.

    8. Illegal Procedure will only be used if both coaches agree. Please talk about whether or not to use this rule prior to the game.

    9. An announcement will be made if any changes are made to the GOBBO.



Contact Information:


Below is the contact information if you have any questions. Either PM the user name on the Ordo Fanaticus forums or email the address given.


  • Commissioner: savion47 - admin@ordobowl.com

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