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King of Cascadia 2015 - Aug 29/30 - WFB, Bellevue WA


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I'm pleased to announce the King of Cascadia tournament is still going to happen. TSHFT was going to replace this event in the Warhammer calendar but they've had to cancel.


Full details to follow early next week. Here's what I have so far.


Mox Boarding House, Bellevue WA

$30 entry fee

8th edition, 2500 points, Swedish comp

Masters qualifier


Prize support from MBH.


Come and try to take the crown from Matt Beasley!


Army composition

  • 2500 points, Warhammer 8th edition
  • Swedish composition with scores between 8.0 and 14.0 (over 14 will be counted as 14).
  • Latest army books for all armies. Chaos Dwarfs allowed via the list from Tamurkhan. Exalted Flamers are allowed using the White Dwarf scroll.
  • Special characters are allowed.
  • 50% Lords and Heroes, and Lore of Undeath are allowed.
  • Some End Times rank and file units may be allowed on a case by case basis (e.g. Blightkings). Contact me for the Swedish score for the unit you want to bring. No End Times special characters will be allowed.
Paint scoring

Painting will be panel judged and will score out of 30. Some guidelines:

  • Fully painted in 3 colors - 5 points
  • Details painted, highlighting and shades, base texture - up to 10 points
  • Display board, army theme, custom basing and conversions - up to 15 points
Prizes for the top 3 ranked. Pro-painted armies allowed, but please pass on the prize to the painter.


Battle scoring

  • "Active" Swedish comp is used to modify VPs (e.g. a 14.0 playing an 8.0 has a 14.0-8.0*100=600 VP advantage)
  • Battle scoring is done using the 20-0 system, with a 150pt range bands.
  • Each round will have a different scenario, with a variety of objectives giving up to 10 additional points. Full details to follow shortly.
  • Prizes for the top 3 ranked.
Sports scoring

Rank your opponents from 1st to 5th. Each #1 score awards 4 points, #2 scores 3 #3 scores 2 and #4 scores 1.


Overall scoring

Battle accounts for 50% (battle score / 3), paint for 30% and sports for 20%.



Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite for $30 each. Proceeds go toward prizes and covering costs for PNW Masters admission.

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