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  1. Hey y'all Miss you guys! Hope all is well :) Anywho I haven't played in a tournament since my last update... not shockingly as some of you may know Emily and I have a son named Lytle Jeffrey Roberts that is roosting about(born Jan 25th). Named his middle name after Emily's father who passed away the past year from cancer. Has been rough... Anywho, actually going to play in my first(very small) tournament coming up next weekend. Will stick with LI OS lists as they are quite fun(although 2 group lists with shukra are also pretty enjoyable!) and I can play them fast paced which seems to
  2. Gonna update some folks on life/games and such! As I'm sure you all are 'shocked' to hear but I've been playing OS since they dropped and they lured me back from the abyss lol. I have a ton of thoughts to share about them as it is the sectorial I've always been waiting for(never really liked the greeks and actually sold most of my greek models...). -The dakini link is great, but after playing a bunch of lists I'm not really digging the point investment in an asaparas as it feels like just too much investment in them for what they do. They play kind of differently than unidr
  3. hey RD!!! nice showing at ECI bud!! Wish I could have gone and someday will trek back for a tournament to clash with you folks again! Also, you are a very capable player as I know from playing a lottttt of people now and it's nice to see when it pays off 🙂 congrats bud!
  4. when i was in pdx they had the outrage box which is kinda hard to find... i have all 4 of those(use as pretas cause like &*%$ i can tell the difference between pretas/gakis in game) otherwise they are still fun models!
  5. Don't Panic


    they are my favorite standard in the game(usually bring 2)! fun tactics: hold it back to triagulate fire something annoying. sometimes ill move it up to get shot, bring it back later in the game when people forget about it and triagulate fire something thats really dug down(like a TO model in suppressive or a sniper) also, sat lock is hilarious... i mean i only ever do it if i bring an EVO but its pretty awesome!
  6. there is a hacker naga, but its from the old starter. pretty boring model though tbh and they should have just updated it in the new starter... oh well, beating a dead horse there lol. that new asura though and bow girl has me droolin for vedic
  7. yup one of my fave models! also, why on earth CB decided to resculpt a naga sniper(which is already an amazing model... actually possibly my fave next to the dasyu hacker) instead of doing the boarding shotgun minelayer just blows my mind... as thats the profile i used in almost every game haha.
  8. been a while! Forgot to say i did stop by the club! got to play some card games with Jay and Seth and maaaannnn it was fun haha. life update: got a new job at the company i work with and finally get to go back into the research field. Pretty pumped as i now finally get to go back to a real life day job making real life money as well as a bonus. Also... ba-dump... emily is pregnant and due in january so @Raindog can proceed with his future reading skills lol. infinity wise: had a bit of a falling out lately just due to lack of games. basically most of my games have been tour
  9. Excited as well! I wish I could play, but I'm not bringing models(Emily was not down for me bringing them taking up space in our luggage lol). So ill just hang and heckle which is what im best at anyways hehe. club opens at 3 right?
  10. so two weeks til I return! My infinity life has kinda slowed down a bit since 'paca. Play about once every other week at this point. Still playing onyx but picked up ISS and morats(traded my steel phalanx) recently so those suckers will be 'sometime in the future when I paint them'. Still sticking with onyx, but have tested ISS a little(they are disgusting). Have had a lot of success with my 8x8 onyx list which has been fine tuned to be an 8x9 list thanks to kerr nau replacing HD+ legate haha. Tournament wise I'm going to one in St Louis this summer and meandering about going to Colorado
  11. lol there were just as many infinity folk there as aos and 40k had about double to either group with a 10+person wait list so it made ZERO sense to me at first... got the reasoning and its basically 'space'. Joe Rogers will run a separate infinity event now later this year(he runs superb narratives!) in wisconsin. Not sure(nor care) what 40k will do but their numbers are pretty big. I will admit: local who came up with me played High Elves and really really wants to play AoS, which we talked about trying it out and maybe doing a one day of it next year but now they are stand alones so thats
  12. alright guys got some news along with updates! So went to the OFCC of the midwest(basically) called waaaaaagggghhhpaca in wisconsin! Always wanted to go to it when i played whfb, finally got to go this year but obviously playing infinity. Sadly will be the last time as infinity is being removed and its becoming an AoS only event(they are even booting 40kers...). so 3 single days 3 game tournaments. two of them narratives and one an ITS. I just brought onyx cause its 'paca so F it. First day was a yuan yuan narrative where you had to do weird objectives that were very pirate-y.
  13. yea... personally im fine because vedic and shas being released within this year would give me trouble concentrating on one or the other lol.
  14. mostly when we were all picking armies to start i wanted to make sure we had diversity and noone had picked aleph which was honestly my favorite appealing one anyways so i went with it lol. after first army though i wanted to pick 'distinctly different things' that would challenge me and as per usual wanted to play low rep'd things so my next two choices were shock army and shas. currently playing onyx and this one was the first choice that i really did mostly due to appeal as the models are gorgeous! also each one i chose plays really really different yet has some overlaps(nagas in shock,
  15. yea emily and i were just looking at flight things for pdx. flights were just too expensive right now so we were waiting for them to go down... We'll probably just come whenever this year and try to make it next year unless things open up! And Adam, I agree about not expanding. 32 people(16 tables) is a lot for one person to handle unless you can get additional TO/assistance it's not a great idea to go higher than that. Hope you guys have a blast. Who would have thought brewery+gaming would sell out fast .
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