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Old World Football League


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During OFCC Dan & I got to talking about this so I figured I should post it as well. 


OFL is an NFL styled Cyanide league.  This explains it better than I could:

OFL: Franchise League

The Franchise league consists of a full 16 week schedule and postseason playoff, patterned after the NFL. Games are played weekly. An easy-to-use online reporting application powers the league's robust feature set, including persistent stat tracking, a variety of leaderboards, team accolades and player milestones, league news and injury reports, and replay hosting. Includes all CRP star players, Chaos Pact, and Slann!


So ALL star players & teams.  The seasons are split into 16 weeks per season with 3 seasons making an era. 

There's also access to Free Agent players that are randomly selected weekly with a selection of up to three of each positional.  These are capped at a total value of 600 tv for all FA players or three total positions.  These are bid on by each race's coach.  IE: I could get into a bidding war for an FA with another coach that had the same race as myself. Coaches continuing a franchise that already exists are able to select FA's from that franchise without bidding.


Each new era has a race draft with those on the high end having a lower FA starting value but being able to select the race they want before other players.  The draft is chosen at random by d100.  The amount of a certain race is limited to three. 


OFL also offers persistent stat tracking, bounties on players, trades between coaches & all the other goodness that the Cyanide game should have had from the start. 


All playoff coaches have access to Glittering Prizes that include Touch of Chaos & Big Needle, etc.  So I just played an orc team with a lineman that had claw (it was a tie...but still bull[big bad swear word]).


To take a quick peek you can go to http://www.shalkith.com/bloodbowl/index.php No login is required to view the franchise standings, schedule or teams. 

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