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  1. @Burk I pinged you on steam as well, but as a follow-up; the soonest I can play will be the 8th. Out of town the 30th-7th. Thanks.
  2. I'm around all afternoon if you wanna play. Busy once 7pm mountain hits.
  3. Playing tomorrow night at 4pm Pacific.
  4. @Maxwell Christian not sure what day/time I can play this week. Friday evening is open so far as is Thursday but I'd like to start between 5-7pm Pacific if possible. Sunday evening is also doable around that same time.
  5. Sup with @peter.cosgrove vs @Maxwell Christian?
  6. I could do a 2pm Pacific Tuesday or Thursday this week.
  7. @SigurdBC that's us! What's your week look like? I can play Sunday evening around 7 pacific or tue-thu after 5pm pacific. Lemme know.
  8. Looks like we're just waiting on @Maxwell Christian to play the AI in div2.
  9. Sorry fella. That was a rough one.
  10. Man, I was kind of hoping you could play earlier. 🙂 I should be available at that time. Will see ya then.
  11. Let's shoot for Friday 7pm Pacific.
  12. @Rhuell looks like Thu/Fri are open after 4pm Pacific. Either of those days doable?
  13. Shooting for Saturday. Time TBD vs @peter.cosgrove
  14. @peter.cosgrove I can play any weekday after 4pm pacific. What works best for you?
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