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  1. Hey man, I keep letting you know my availability & not getting any response. I'm free tomorrow evening, Friday almost all day after 1pm Pacific, Saturday same & mon-wed after noon Pacific. Want to pick a time somewhere in there?
  2. I've got a match today at noon pacific but free-ish other than that.
  3. @Rhuell when would you like your tie? I'm pretty free Saturday.
  4. Ready?

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    2. dylanator


      Hey well played. There was a lot of running around the pitch and scambling. Your troll was a bit off in the first half. 

    3. michaels


      Haha yeah. This team is so bad. Not sure I can handle playing them another season. 🙂

    4. dylanator


      you played well with them. They just need some more skills. There quick too. The low armor kinda sucks though. 

  5. 😉 Mayyyyyyybe. Looks like your match is about the same time as mine. I'm good to play right after. PIng me here or text 801-680-7097 when you're ready if you want & that schedule works for you.
  6. It's....exactly what I said it was.
  7. What's the word on tomorrow? I have a match around noon but free the rest of the day.
  8. Ack. Sorry, I should have said Friday I have a thing. Tomorrow I'm pretty free all day but have a match at about noon pacific.
  9. @dylanator heya. I have some time Saturday pretty much all day. Barring that, mon/tue are good after 5pm pst or wed after 1pm pst.
  10. Hey brother you and I are up. I got a crazy schedule but I know we gotta getter done to catch up. Throw out some times and I will try and accomidate

  11. I'm online & ready anytime, sir.
  12. Sorry scott. I'm at a tourney that's just wrapping up then I'll be omw home. Should be good to go within about 1.5 hours.
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