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  1. Alright @jollyork, I got Friday after 5pm, Sunday almost any time in the afternoon/evening or next week after 5pm. Pacific time zone.
  2. I think the stream crashed but long story short: @scotthartman let me hit the ball so I did. Then I scored. Then I scored again. Then I almost scored again. Then the game was over. The end. Thanks for the game, buddeh.
  3. stream up https://twitch.tv/michael__s starting now!
  4. Scott, let's try for the weekend. Saturday I'm Free from noon PST onward & Sunday from 10 onward. Want to seal in a time for either of those days?
  5. Sorry. I wasn't paying attention. I can play tonight if you wanna start within the next hour or so.
  6. Oh hey! The week rolled! @scotthartman that's us. When is a good time for ya? I can usually start from 5pm Pacific weekdays & 10am on weekends.
  7. Pm me anyone looking for a game. I'll make some teams tonight & get them registered.
  8. We did actually have a Toilet Bowl once though.
  9. Getting it on now vs Weaver. https:/twitch.tv/michael__s @Weav Hey! Don't you give me poop-reactions! It's not my fault you skipped block & tackle for claw/mb like a noobsausage. 😂
  10. Your slowness disgusts me. I expect this kind of behavior from Dan but you're supposed to be better than that! Burk is the standard we should all hold ourselves to.
  11. @jollyork vs @Burk when?
  12. We waiting on Dan again? #foreverwaiting
  13. Rescheduled to tonight. 6pm mst.
  14. Playing sunday at 11am pst. @Burk can you update Travis's calendar? Https://twitch.tv/michael__s
  15. Oh. What's Travis doing Sunday then? Could you check his calendar for me?
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