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  1. @Zorconwhen works for ya? I'm pretty free Tue/Wed/Fri evenings after 6pm MDT.
  2. Ready anytime really. Just ping me when you're getting on & what-not.
  3. No that's fine. I'll plan on it.
  4. @Keith Ambergthat's us. I'm pretty free Friday evening after 5pm mdt
  5. Agreed. Sending the po contender to div 2 sounds less than ideal. That Bosco sure is a stand up dude!
  6. @Burk Whiskey Collective is team name.
  7. I'm in with new underworld. A decision I'm sure I will immediately regret.
  8. Brawler seems really good for big guys making them more reliable. I think orc progression will stay the same (boring) but teams that rely on the current kill-stack will have to change their tactics a bit. The nerf to leap I kinda like. I also heard a rumor that MA is capped at 9. Can anyone confirm?
  9. Did the forum update again? It looks fancy af! Thanks @Bosco. Always a pleasure. Those dwarves are a pain to deal with.
  10. Wanna shoot for around 3 or 4pm PDT Saturday? @Burk can you start the comp whenever you get a chance?
  11. Thanks for the game, sir! Cya next season.
  12. I can't judge without trying it for a few seasons. There's just too many changes.
  13. Yeah it was errata'd almost immediately with 2016. I don't see it happening this release. Piling on is also completely gone now.
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