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  1. Most online leagues won't have these features enabled in bb3 (assuming cyanide can actually code them in). I doubt the NAF would have anything that swings the game in favor of one team or the other. See: wizards. I've only got the core rulebook but the optional points system was horribly unbalanced so I opted to not use it. I imagine special balls/stadiums/cards are also the same. Adding this stuff moves it from "competitive strategy game" to "beer & pretzels", imo. Weav & Bryan Tew usually have special play cards at their tourneys that are balanced really well & don't make a huge impact on the game state, but that's the closest I've seen to the optional stuff working well in the game.
  2. You mean the Teams of Legend errata? https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/lFZy1SIuNmWvxPj1.pdf
  3. I'm in but not sure what team yet. Update: will bring back elves cause lazy.
  4. Thanks for the game, @Russell Castronovo! Real nailbiter. Rain came in clutch. GL to you next season! With that said, I think it's time to retire the UWD. It's a fun team but too tense to keep playing.
  5. That works. 4pm pacific Monday. Cool?
  6. I'm pretty free Monday. Should be home all day.
  7. @SigurdBC thanks again for the game. Always a pleasure. See you next season!
  8. @Brick Bungalow @Weav lemme know. They're unassembled & unpainted. I have all the KS extra's too, like head coach & cheerleaders.
  9. I'm available now if you want. Otherwise, Tuesday at 3pm Pacific will work.
  10. I'm mountain time so that's a bit late for me to start. I should have listed some cutoff times. Ideally, starting at 7pm Pacific at the latest would be good. I think I free'd up this evening if you're around. Lemme know. I'll be on discord all day as well if that's easier/faster.
  11. @SigurdBC when's good for ya? I'm pretty available in about 30 minutes or again on Monday-Wednesday after 4pm Pacific.
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