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  1. Wanna shoot me some deets? Is there anyone there that kind of mentors newer players?
  2. @Fixxer I'm pretty new to Malifaux but really liking it so far, even though I'm sure I'm terrible. Is your online league fairly noob-friendly? My tactics could use some work but I'd be down to join & hopefully get better at the game. I have Vassal & all that good to go.
  3. In but not sure what team I want to run yet.
  4. Excellent game @Burk! Not the result I expected, but I'll take it! Cya next season.
  5. My fouls were garbage. My AV dice didn't turn on until the 2nd half, but god damn did that 2heads thrower pull it out when it mattered! @Burk lemme know when you wanna win this thing.
  6. Scheduled for 4pm Pacific, Monday vs @dylanator
  7. Wasn't sure cause it's still on: @dylanator when blood bowl?
  8. @dylanator I'm free to start every day this coming week from 4pm to 7pm Pacific. Mon-Fri. Any of those days/times work for ya?
  9. @Zorcon @dylanator your move. 😉
  10. Whew. What a tense game! That ag5 can pull off some real bs. Thanks for the match!
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