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H: Imperial Fists Space Marines W: $


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Captain Darnath Lysander (Painted) $21.50

Librarian in Terminator Armor (Fine Cast) $31.00

18 Bolter Marines (Painted)

4 Melta Gun Marines (2 Painted 2 Assembled)

2 Sergeants with Combi-Melta $80.00

5 Missile Launchers

11 Bodies with enough bits to assemble with most options (devastator or tactical) $138.00

8 Assault Marines

2 Assault Marine Sergeants $82.00

5 Sternguard (Finecast) $50.00

2 Lightning Claw Terminators (Painted)

3 Thunderhammer Terminators (Painted) $50.00

3 Centurions (Magnetized to take ANY option) $78.00

3 Drop Pods (1 Assembled, 1 NoS, 1 Primed Silver) $111.75

5 Scouts (NoS) $25.00

Razorback (Twin Linked Las) $41.25

2 Rhino (Painted) $74.50

Vindicator (Shield Magnetized) $57.75

Hunter / Stalker (Magnetized for either option) $65.00

Landspeeder (NoS) $30.00

Land Raider Redeemer/Crusader (Painted except weapons, magnetized for either variant) $74.25

Stormtalon (Converted) $45.50

7th Edition Codex $58.00

Datacards $12.50


There is a MOUNTAIN of bits for this I have every sprue that came with each kit so if you need bits for any model to change them, they are included! 


Included is retail price for each model I'm looking for close to 50% of retail for the whole lot. $600. Can provide pictures upon request.


Retail $1126


Also have 20 Space Marine Bikes. Missing saddle bags and riders have the legs for them will let all 20 bikes go for 110$


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