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W: Malifaux Gupps, New Azhag the Slaughterer, H: Unopened AOS box, 40K Orks, Nids, Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, VC, space hulk, 4E DnD, $$


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I'm in Hillsboro, though an excuse to go in to Portland would be just fine :)


Looking for these guys (Malifaux gupps):




And for this dude:




I have more than this list, as it is off the top of my head:


An unopened AOS box, still shrink-wrapped


All VC unprimed, either fully or partially assembled

30 VC Graveguard (maybe 40)

20 VC Ghouls

10 VC Direwolves


All Space Orks fully or partially assembled, unprimed (numbers may not be 100% correct)

30 Slugga Boyz

30 Shoota Boyz

2 Trukks

starter set Nobs

6 warbikers


Nids either on sprue or assembled, unprimed

Some gaunts on sprue





Lots of boxed set night goblins and orc boyz, unassembled, or on sprue

Various primed/base-coated orcs and goblins

Old-school boar boyz


Ogre Bulls on sprue


Latest Space Hulk box, assembled, unprimed, played once


4th Edition DnD Players Handbook, DM's guide, MManual (near mint condition)


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