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H Orks and Tau W: AoS and 40k khorne

Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Finally got it counted here is my Orks and Tau:


Stompa bare

2 Battle wagon partially painted and needs assembly

3 nib loota/burnas

5 looted partially assembled bare

3 nos killakans from box set

1 nib Mek gun

4 Deffcoptas partially painted

2 deffcoptas primed


32 bare/primed

25 painted

Shoota boyz:

19 bare/primed

17 painted

Big shoota boyz:

6 painted


5 primed/bare

14 painted

Stormboyz plastic:

9 primed/bare

1 painted

5 tank bustaz painted metal

5 kommandos primed metal

Mek kff finecast Primed

Wierd boy finecast bare

Gazzy painted metal

Aobr boss painted

10 grots and herder bare



I want

Khorne daemon kin models

Bloodthirster new plastic only



Skull cannon

Chaos Marines

Chaos rhinos or bits to chaos up my rhinos


Flesh hounds


Warp Talons



Either fiends


I have enough dv stuff


Aos khorne or sigmarine stuff

Would also like first rule book unending war one

Warrior of chaos anything khorne related.


I might also be interested in Blood bowl teams, xwing imperial only. Cash never hurts either.


I'm in Hillsboro and find myself in PDX regularly.

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