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H: Game of Thrones LCG, Warhammer Invasion, Misc W: $


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Hi all! I have some LCG cards I'd like to sell at a reasonable price, if you're missing any of these in your collections feel free to PM me. Asking prices are marked, I am in the PDX area and game at Guardian and RC.


Game of Thrones LCG expansions from Fantasy Flight Games (both expansion items listed below for $8):


The House of Black and White - no box, but expansion is still in original unopened plastic wrap


Forging the Chain - loose but in NM condition. There are only 50 of the 60 cards from the pack, the following cards only have 2 copies included:


Jaqen H'ghar

Shireen Baratheon

Black Ears

Riders of the Red Fork

Freezing Rain

Ghaston Grey

Oldtown Scholar

Bronze Link

Burned and Pillaged

Master Luwin



Warhammer Invasion: March of the Damned Expansion (asking $15):


All cards from the big box expansion included, one pack still in original plastic wrap. Cards in NM condition.



Additionally, I have a box of misc cards available for free if you are willing to meet me on one of the nights that I'm already at the game store (Monday night at GG, Saturday afternoon at RC). Basically, they're yours if you want them but you have to take it all and I'm not going to go out of my way to meetup or deliver. I will purge them into the recycling bin if there are no takers by the time this thread gets pushed to the second page.


Contents include:

Sealed Pirates of the Caribbean TCG 2 player starter set.

Sealed Card fight Vanguard Trial Deck: Resonance of Thunder Dragon

Harry Potter TCG 2 player starter set

Loose Kaijudo, Monsuno, and old L5R (legend of the 5 rings) cards. Also some WoW (Warcraft) TCG cards which are probably not worth anything.


Thanks for looking, let me know if anyone is interested in anything!

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