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Infinity Caledonian Highlander Army (SCOTS!) Big Lot for sale


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Retail is over $375


Asking $200 Which is over 40% off.


34 models!


Portland area, cash only. not looking for trades.


Heres what I got:


11 Caledonian Volunteers: 1 LGL(in skirt), 2 HMG, 3 Chain rifle, 3 Rifle(facing left), 2 Rifle (facing right)


5 Scots Guard (the box plus the missile launcher for full set)


2 Cameronians (one needs a base)


3 SAS (2 boarding shotgun and 1 assault pistol)


Uxia Mcneal (covert action)


4 Highlander Grey (2 AP HMG and 2 dual light shotgun) one of the light shotgun models is primed grey


William Wallace


4 Wulvers (1 new MK12, 1 new heavy shotgun, 2 older T2 rifle)


1 Highlander galwegian


112 service medic


Moramer with t2 rifle


everything is in great shape, assembled and unpainted, with the exception of the primed 3rd highlander, and a handful of models with marks painted on their bases for facing

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