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Infinity! Have and Want plus more!


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Coming down to Vancouver tomorrow so let me know if I should bring any of this down to complete a trade!


=Looking for=


Tarik Mansuri (new sculpt)



^Ghulam 1 and Ghulam 2 from this pictures^


Caledonian Volunteer w/Rifle Light GL


Myrmidon w/ AP CCW


Reverend moiras box


Hatail Aelis Keesan


Authorized Bounty Hunter w/ Combi Rifle (ITS prize & regular release)




All 5 Scot's Guard models


JSA both Raiden Models


JSA All 5 Haramaki models


Kings of War current edition main rule book




I have to offer in trade:


Loads of Heavy Gear Blitz


Infinity (will not subdivide further, and all models shown as is)



NIB Mariner


Warmahordes: NIB Lord of the Feast


Warmahordes: NIB Kara Sloan


Warmahordes: Unpainted and unassembled The Wrack (3 models)




Arkham Horror

The Hobbit

Lord of the Rings


Thanks for checking this out!

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