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  1. Hi all, still looking for unpainted Glade Guard Archers. Please PM me if you know of anything.
  2. Those kits do not appear to have components to make archers, unless I am mistaken? Just after the plastic wood elf archers that GW used to make by the truckload :)
  3. Hello, Looking for 2 boxes of GW Glade Guard. Been out of the hobby for a few years, and they seem to have left stores in that time 😕 I live in Seattle, though am happy to pay for shipping! Thanks, Chris
  4. We loved ya, each and every one~! My teammates are not on these forums, but know that if you played Will or Ian, they wanted me to say you were exceptional experiences in getting a face punch!!! For those wondering, Will is well on his road to recovery. To my host, Erik, top bar none. I am in concern for my health, having eaten so richly, and alcoholed so much! Your pups are perfect company too~ Now on to my players. Joe, you are sneaky git with all those camo models. That was scary as heck to play, and you definitely kept them in character throughout! <3 Peter,
  5. Team: 'emoji' FUC Ian Will Chris
  6. Plz delete
  7. I have an important question: What is the colour maximum per model <3
  8. Hello, Please PM me or I will not see it! I have the art book limited prerelease Miranda Ashcroft model assembled on a scenic base, primed with Vallejo airbrush primer. http://m.imgur.com/rx3NVpi Also the 2016 ITS Winners Box with the limited edition Now Scarface and his buttons and patches included http://m.imgur.com/XpluywR Rare (Giant Scale!) Heavy Gear Mammoth Strider http://imgur.com/xphhN4X Jaguar 3 x Hunters Headhunter Hunter Paratroop http://imgur.com/ipYzpT3 Heavy Gear Blitz (NoS Unless stated otherwise, bases included but not pictured) 1 As
  9. Yeah I haven't gotten my official "nope" yet hahaha
  10. Mutts are amazing you only need them to work decently ONCE, and form that point on you have the best 5 pt threat that they will pull hair out to take out hahaha
  11. Yeeeeeeuh boi optimized list or not, go at em like one of those flavva flave girls!
  12. Oh man, that set has two of my favourite haqq models, snake and sassy ghulams!
  13. B-b-b-but i cant go, and this giant troll could never win best sportsman :c...
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