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  1. Mutts are amazing you only need them to work decently ONCE, and form that point on you have the best 5 pt threat that they will pull hair out to take out hahaha
  2. Yeeeeeeuh boi optimized list or not, go at em like one of those flavva flave girls!
  3. Oh man, that set has two of my favourite haqq models, snake and sassy ghulams!
  4. Cannot wait to see you slap paint on all that fine work! Also cant wait to get the new stuff up~
  5. Me too! I wish i coulda been there~
  6. Updating the designs, simplifying the assembly, and adding on to existing profiles. Have a full set in the pipe, and am working on advertising copies now~! <3<3<3
  7. That's a lot of project there!
  8. That game was so much fun, though i apologize for my RIGHTEOUS dice hahaha
  9. QK are a bucket of fun! Even with all their flexibility, I always end up playing them as a Yuan^2 and Scarface delivery system anyway :|
  10. Garret is a really great acon player and has told me that learning that knight will make for an awesome opening strike!
  11. Yuan yuans are the best. Ava 4 right...?
  12. Wood glue and overnight sitting will work, especially if you score the contact surfaces first. be careful of too much causing beading when pressed together. There is an acrylic glue at hobby shops that i simply can not remember the name of. Inexpensive and you'll use it again for sure!
  13. Paint em all and decide later!
  14. Brian loved, and was mind blown by seeing how Post humans work on table, glad to see you bringing up those seldom seen and tricksy pieces to the table! And third?! Bravo!!!
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