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More tournament organization questions!


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1. For 50ss I'd say min 1h45m rounds, 2h if you can fit it in the schedule is nice. If a lot of people are new/not particularly fast players you'll probably have a lot of games not finish in 1h45 (though some will).


2. I've done both, the main consideration for me would be making sure all tables are playing with the same scheme pool and strategy, and try not to have schemes duplicated too much over the tournament (If you're flipping each round I'd reflip if you come across one more than twice). Having the pool preset is good as it allows you to get a good variety.


3. It hasn't come up in any event I've been in. At the same time, it's not uncommon for tournament games to only get to turn 4 (or even turn 3 occasionally, but usually only with newer players). It's becoming common tournament wisdom to steer clear if schemes that don't start scoring until late game, like bodyguard, as it forces you to play faster than you might like and relies on your opponent to play fast also.

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