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Chaos Daemons Ambassador

Edosaurus Rex

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It has come to my attention that the Khorne Daemonkin spot has become available in the Elvensword Ambassadorial Tournament this weekend, and I would love to fill the spot! However, I am already registered as the Chaos Daemons ambassador. So would anyone like to take the Chaos Daemons spot in my stead so I can fulfill the place of the Khorne Daemonkin ambassador? I'm okay with playing either army, I just strongly prefer Khorne Daemonkin because BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!




As I was saying, if someone wants to play in the Ambassadorial Tournament this Saturday, they can as long as they play Chaos Daemons! Hell, I'd even loan you my Tzeentch Daemon army if you want to play but don't have the appropriate force.


If you haven't played in this event before, you should! It is my second favorite annual 40k tournament, displaced only by the OFCC.


So if anyone wants to play Chaos Daemons at the tournament this Saturday, post here!

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