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  1. That's right, we did! I had meant to formally issue a challenge but that ended up slipping my mind. Let it be known that Kill! Maim! Beer! and the Warhamsters officially have a challenge.
  2. Team Kill! Maim! Beer! is not known for refusing challenges, so your challenge is accepted! @evil_bryan please take note.
  3. I got a chance to test this mission out with @Gorgosaurusrex today, and I thought it was great! I was worried that moving the smoke every turn might be a lot of book keeping, but it really wasn't. We used two markers for each line of smoke and it was easy to keep track of. We did encounter one unclear point about the low visibility rule, which is whether or not it affects units that do not require line of sight to shoot (a Whirlwind, in my case). We agreed that the smoke should not impact these units for our game, but you may want to add a sentence to the rules just to clarify whether it
  4. We have already filled the opening on our team, but if I hear of anyone else looking for another team member then I know where to go!
  5. Well we were able to round up another team member, so @SigurdBC is welcome to return to @VonVilkee's band of misfits. It was fun while it lasted!
  6. I'm totally fine with that, assuming I can fill the spot on my team. I'll out to some folks and see who I can round up! On that note, anyone here still looking for a team?
  7. I have actually filled out team Kill! Maim! Beer! now, thanks to responses on my other post. Thanks for thinking of my team though!
  8. It better! If not, I'll loan him a fully painted army... EDIT: Only as a last resort, of course.
  9. Well any friend of @VonVilkee is a friend of mine! @SigurdBC, send me a PM and we'll work out the details. @Kingpin, you are welcome to join! I'll expect you to bring a severely underpowered list to make up for your skill, however (neither @Gorgosaurusrexor I have ever beaten you, which is quite the feat).
  10. Oh, well that I can definitely do! I accept your challenge. We'll see if you can break your losing streak against me 😆
  11. You're killing me, Saul! Oh well, the search for teammates continues then. Let me check my calendar, but I'll let you know about Saturday gaming! I hope he wasn't too rough on you, I know how he can get... you get used to it, though 😉
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