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Non-Wyrd models


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So as I've chosen Guild, the one crew that I do want to play but don't like some of the models is C. Hoffman's team.  He's great, but the Guardian, Watchers and even a few others (like Metal Gamin and Rail Golem, tho they are much better than the aforementioned Guild construct models) just aren't my cup o' tea artistically.


Here's a plan for making this crew work for me model-wise:

1) Replace Watchers with these Warmachine "clockwork angels":



2) Replace Guardians with Warmachine "reciprocators":



3) Gamins become "obstructors": http://privateerpress.com/warmachine/gallery/convergence-of-cyriss/units/obstructors


4) Rail Golem is one of many of the amazing Warjacks.


I like the existing Wyrd Peacekeeper but in an effort to stick with the same clockwork look and feel I might find a 'jack for that too.


I'd probably stick with the Wyrd arachnid swarms, which artistically match the above-linked Warmachine guys anyway.


I dunno, thoughts?  Confusing or awesome?  Am I likely to be disallowed in a tournament (e.g. not OFCC but maybe Guardian Games or Gencon or ???)


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I'm starting up and I've got no intention of using any of the Wyrd models for my Malifaux crew. One of the many appeals of this game is that models don't affect the game in rules. So long as they have the right bases, the actual model has no in-game effects, aside from avoiding confusion.


And no, I'm not a tournament player.

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Pax I completely agree, SO much better to make the model itself not meaningful gameplay wise!  A very nice freedom to have!



Plus, a ruleset with consistent and updated rules.


And no dice - I'm not really a huge fan of dice, but I do see the need for a certain degree of randomization. The poker deck seems like a good solution.


...And an extremely low start up cost (1 faction deck, a poker deck, and a pdf rulebook for under $20, starter models can be easily proxied due to listed base sizes on the faction deck cards).


Granted, this game doesn't really look any cheaper than 40k, as I'll definitely be buying things, but a cheap start up cost is a good sign of a hobby which is confident that it is worth investing in.


EDIT: If looking for that rulebook at the price I got it. This one: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/133323/Malifaux--RULES-ONLY-Handbook--2E?term=malifaux+rules+only

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