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H: Trollbloods LF: AOS, $$$


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I posted this on CL however this site reaches a more specific audience so I figured I would try here. Some of you know my painting work so you know of how quality the paint job is (however my iPhone4 photos are'nt). Looking to either trade for Age of Sigmar models or straight up cash. 


25 Pts of Trollbloods

- Trollbloods Battle Group Starter: 2x Troll Impaler, Troll Axer, Madrak Ironhide
- Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribe (leader & 3 grunts)
- Fell Caller Hearo
- Dire Troll Mauler (magnitized for Blitzer & Bomber Options: hands heads back plate)

- painted to a high table top quality, all based to a high quality, all come with cards. 




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