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Leveticus Questions


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2 so far:


First, I'm planning to run that upgrade that allows non-faction constructs. Can I include more than one Effigy?


Second, aside from it probably being a bad idea, can I run a Totem other than the Hollow Waifs with Leveticus? Seems vague, but as I read it, I could, it becomes really iffy when I summon a Hollow Waif, plus I'd lose all my extra lives...though I think there might be a way to become unburied without them....

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First, you can have one of each effigy (I believe they're all rare 1).


Second, yep you can only hire one Totem unless otherwise specified (ie you can hire two Hollow Waifs because of their rule). I don't see anything to stop you hiring a different totem and still summoning a waif, though it will significantly limit Levi's options on where to unbury and it'll make it that much easier for your opponent to keep him buried by targeting your only waif.


I'd be interested to hear how you unbury Levi without the waifs... didn't think that was doable but haven't really looked into him much myself.

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1 Mach gotcha on that one the rare 1 takes care of multiples of the same type of effegy.



2 you'll wanna check page 65 (srb) for Totems. But in short you may hire 1 generic (a totem that doesn't name a master) or your masters totem. You may only hire 1 totem and unless otherwise specified you can only have 1 totem in play at any given time.


I believe that the summoning a totem has been FAQ'd. The refrence is to Collette hiring a generic totem then summoning doves. When she summons the first dove the non dove totem is removed from play since it now violates the 1 totem rule. (the doves don't violate the rule since Collette may have up to 3 attached at a time, its a semantics thing).

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From the FAQ:


19) Q: Can a Crew hire one totem, and then summon another totem during the course of the game?

A: Yes, although frequently models which can do this have some sort of built in restriction. Check the

individual model’s card.


So I think it's fair game for Leviticus. Just not sure its all that wise compared to hiring two waifs...

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