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Recap from League night 10/9

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I had a scenario in mind to play from the first source book "Mighty Battles".I think its the second scenario in the story line..scenario name "The Ritual".


Basically the board is divided down the middle with the Ritualist taking one 4x3 section of the board and the Disruptor side taking the other 4x3 section.In the middle of the far 4` edge of the Ritualist`s territory they have a terrain feature that represents the "ritual site" that the disruptor needs to get his General to within 3" in order to cast a spell that terminates the ritual before it can be completed.


The Command abilities were as follows-

Ritualist`s -"Destroy at all costs"-The general can choose up d3 units from his army that are within 12" of him,these units recieve +1 to hit on all attacks but also must subtract one from all saves taken until his next command phase.


Distrupors-"Shatter the Artifact"-The General can use this command ability if he is within 3" of the Ritual site,then can roll a d6 and destroy the ritual process on a 2+ winning the game.


For setup both sides do alternating setup deploying models anywere within their side of the battlefield but not within 6" of enemy territory.


The Disruptor decides who has first turn with sides rolling for it from the second Battleround onward.


The Disruptor player can nominate a second in command hero model if their General is slain,but can only do this once.


For Victory conditions the Disruptor must shatter the Ritual before it is complete.In order to complete the Ritual the Ritualist rolls a d6 at the start of each of his turns during their hero phase.For each friendly wizard or priest unit within 12" of the ritual site add one to the die..for each enemy hero or priest within 36" of the ritual site subtract one.Keep a running total of all the die rolls from each battleround and when it reaches 20 the game ends and the ritualist wins.



On to the game!


We had 6 players show for the session and one matchup was already set.It appeared most of us wanted to keep ourselves "refreshed" in the Crit Sip so I mentioned the option to do this scenario on one 4x6 while using teams.With the way this one sets up this worked pretty well with team mates playing across from each other.

The Disruptors team consisted of myself playing the starter set Khorne models and my teammate playing a chaos army including a Demon Prince that we agreed should be the General since he could fly.

The Ritualist team consisted of the Stormcast starter models using the Thunderstrike brotherhood formation and his teammate playing a very sick looking fully painted Dark Elf army featuring a Hydra and 2 scrolls of Cold One knights.


The Disruptor team started off with the Chaos force lead by the Demon Prince advancing toward the site while the Goretide forces moved forward a short bit to take up a more defensive posture near a hill prepping to recieve the charge from the Cold ones.The Ritualists moved the Stormcast forward a bit and moved their General(the Lord Celestant) out front to attack with his Storm Breath attack.The ritual total for the first turn ended up a 2 with the Ritualists having one priest and one wizard in range to buff and only one wizard from the Disruptors in range to debuff,then the Ritualists rolled a one.


The second battleround saw the battlines collide with the Disruptors moving in on the Celestant General with Chaos warriors and the Cold ones charging into the Goretide line of Blood reavers and Blood Warriors.The combats were rather brutal on both side with the Goretide benifiting from the Bloodsecrator`s planted Portal of skulls buff and the warriors of Chaos scoring several unsaved wounds on the Ritualist General.I think the end result on the die roll for the ritual this battleround was a 5 so its new total was 7.


Third Battleround resulted in further carnage on the front lines with the Goretide bringing the Korgorath into the fight by charging a unit of Corsairs,the Demon prince charged in to aid in finishing off the Ritualist general while the Stormcast made charges into the chaos warriors.The Ritualist also commited their Hydra to the fight with the Chaos Warriors and Demon prince,hitting the prince with a breath weapon causing 4 mortal wounds,half his health.This round ended up with most all the cold ones going down,Ritualist General going down and Stormcast Retributors taking some hits while Liberators locked in with the Chaos Warriors in the middle of the board.Also Prosecutors flew in behind the Demon prince and pelted the chaos force .The Demon Prince was now within flight range(with a run move) of the Ritualist site.I cant remember what the ritual role was at the end of this turn but im thinking it was a 2 or 3?.


In the Fourth battleround the Disruptors decided to go for the kill and the Demon Prince flew over the main battle line ending up within 3" of the Ritual site.The Goretide wrapped up the fights with the few remainding Cold ones and corsairs while the Chaos Warriors remained locked in with the remaining Retributors and Liberators.The Ritualist moved all available forces to charge the Demon Prince as it was do or die now,,it had to go down.They were able to bring in a unit of Liberators that had spent the last turn in a sort of stupor from the magic emitted from nearby ruins.A nearby Dark Elf Sorcerer moved to intercept and the Lord Relictor of the Stormcast forces threw himself at the Demon.The Liberators went first in the combat and were able to place 3 more wounds on the Demon Prince while the Demon prince was not able to take any other attackers out of the fight before they got a chance to attack him and thus I believe it was the Relector that finally put the last wound on him staving of a disaster in the process.The Disruptors decided to assign the leader of the Goretides Mighy Lord of Khorne as the second in command.The roll for the Ritual ended up bringing the new total to 12.


It was getting late for us at this point and it was all of a sudden not looking good for the Disruptors as even though the Ritualist forces were quite thinned out with most of the Dark Elves down and the Stormcast ranks diminished considerably,the path to get the Goretide General to the Ritual site would take at minimum 3 turns with average runs and no interception from remaining forces.With the Ritual count sitting at 12 it was most likely going to go off before the Chaos forces could stop it so we called it with a most likely RItualist win:)


First off I want to thank all that played,I hope you guys enjoyed the team game as I know that's probably not really the goal for some when you show up for game night.We did end up playing 12 Warscrolls per side?..I think if that was split up into to two games,both games would have likely had the time to finish so next time we may just devide the table into 3 4x4 sections so we can play shorter more manageable games:)


I tried to remember the details as best as possible but if any of you that played see any mistakes I made,please post up here.


Overall this is now one of my favorite book scenarios.Its a realy good example of what many are starting to see about AoS in that there is a level of internal balance when using the scenarios that GW has put out for it.

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