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WTB Chaos Space Marines and Daemonkin


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-Chaos Berzerkers of Khorne. About 50. Best deal gets my attention, as well as larger lots. You are competing with Ebay BTW.

-Bloodletters of Khorne: About 20.
-Helbrute - Power Fists [left arm at least].
-Helbrute - Plasma Cannon.
-Helbrute from Dark Vengeance set [best deal so far is $10 shipped].
-4 Heavy Bolters and arms for Chaos Space Marines [looking for weapons, but full model ok].


I live in NE PDX on Alberta again and hope you can come to my home as I am homebound due to injuries and multilple surgeries.

I am sorry I cannot make it to game night or any of the game stores at the moment.




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