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(Various) Stuff I have, and stuff I don't (Infinity)


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=Looking for (in no particular order)=

Tarik Mansuri (new sculpt)


Hatail Aelis Keesan


Authorized Bounty Hunter w/ Combi Rifle (ITS and Regular)




rasail boarding team


suryat w/hmg




^Ghulam 1 and Ghulam 2 from this picture^


Reverend moiras box


Moblot – rifle, panzerfaust


Para-commandos 1 rifle/lgl


para-commandos 2 rifle


Raiden – spitfire


raiden – HRL


Saito Togan



I have to offer in trade:
Loads of Heavy Gear Blitz
Warmahordes: NIB Mariner
Warmahordes: NIB Lord of the Feast
Warmahordes: NIB Kara Sloan
Warmahordes: Unpainted and unassembled The Wrack (3 models)
Battlefoam tall trays
Wargame factory historical sprues: WW2? various ancients?
Warhammer Current Giant NIB
Boardgames (all components complete)
Arkham Horror
The Hobbit
Lord of the Rings
If there is anything you are interested in just drop me a line and Thanks for checking this out!
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