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ITC Tau 1,850 Competitive Build Idea


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With the Upcoming New Tau update, I wanted to give a chance at a build that was not completely static and not entirely dependent on Markerlight using the new rules update.


Here are the Formations / Detachment at hand for reference:
[Link to IMGUR Album]


The Detachment Rules are:

  • Re-Roll Warlord Traits (All, not just Tau)
  • When a Unit Declares its firing target, you can have Units join into that fire. If 3 units join in, they all benefit from +1BS. Markerlights consumed affect all of the units (so 2 ML for ignore cover for all of their fire)

The Core Formation Rules are: (Hunter Cadre)

  • Supporting Fire rule from the models in this Formation are 12" versus 6".
  • Units within 12" of the Formation Commander can choose to run and then fire.

The Auxiliary Formation Rules are: (Optimized Stealth Cadre)

  • During the Shooting Phase of the Formation, the Ghostkeel unit gain +1 BS and Ignore Cover. The Stealth Suits also benefit from Ignore Cover and +1BS if they are within 6" of one of the Ghostkeel from the Formation. Also in addition they always Hit Rear armor no matter the facing.

Now for the Army List:

Hunter Cadre Core Formation:

  • 1 Commander with Stimulant Injector, Drone Controller, Command and Control Node, 2 Marker Drones.
  • 3 Units of 5 Strike Team.
  • 1 XV104 Riptide with TL SMS, Heavy Burst Cannon, Early Warning Override, Counterfire Defense System.
  • 1 Unit of 4 Marker Drones.
  • 1 KV108 Stormsurge with TL SMS, Cluster Rocket System, 4 Destroyer Missiles, Pulse Driver Cannon, Early Warning Override.

Two Optimized Stealth Cadre:

  • 1 Unit of 2 Ghostkeels with Cylic Ion Raker, TL Fusion Blaster, 1 with Vectored Rethro Thruster, 1 with Target Lock.
  • 2 Units of 3 Stealth Suits with Burst Cannon.

Total of list is 1,848 Points.

Pretty much a MSU mobile army minus the Stormsurge and the Strike Teams.

If I am facing an Alpha strike Army, I would probably keep the Ghostkeels on the table and use their awesome defense mechanics to survive the initial output of fire.

The Optimized Stealth Cadre can easily give themselves with the Detachment+Formation rules +2 BS and Ignore Cover without any markerlight necessary while the Markerdrones and Commander will effectively try to assist the Riptide and or Stormsurge (Especially the Stormsurge since i can use Markerlight Hits to up a Destroyer Missile from Str 8 to Str D.)


The Command and Control Node is mostly on the Commander to try to reroll Shots versus Snapshots aka Invis and Flying.

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Note that using Markerlights for a combined shot will only Ignore Cover/improve BS against the target that the Markerlight counters were on (if you use Target Lock shenanigans.)


Also, Ghostkeels can't take Vectored Retrothrusters, as they, Riptides, Broadsides, and Stormsurges are prohibited from doing so.


Maybe find points for Advanced Targeting System on the Stormsurge? You roll enough dice, you'll get some sixes. I'd also pay the token number of points for the Burst Cannon/AFP on it, just so your extra gun isn't totally worthless.


I'm not impressed by the Counterfire Defense System, it just seems too niche.


I would think that running Kroot over Strike Teams would be a lot more useful- slightly more expensive, but a lot more useful.

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