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Hello there,

I recently purchased a stack o' Pathfinder role playing items and now have a bunch of duplicates. I'd prefer to trade these for Pathfinder materials that I don't have, but will accept payment as well.

Hope to be able to trade with someone!

Lorefinder by Pelgrane Press (Pathfinder roleplaying game compatible)
The Book of Arcane Magic by 4Winds Fantasy Gaming (Pathfinder roleplaying game compatible)
The Book of Divine Magic by 4Winds Fantasy Gaming (Pathfinder roleplaying game compatible)
Strategists & Tacticians by 4Winds Fantasy Gaming (Pathfinder roleplaying game compatible)
Book of the River Nations by Jon Brazer Enterprises (Pathfinder roleplaying game compatible)
Pathfinder Adventure Path #13 - Second Darkness "Shadow in the Sky"
Pathfinder Companion - Taldor, Echoes of Glory
Pathfinder Campaign Setting - Dungeons of Golarion
Pathfinder Adventure Path #26 - Council of Thieves "The Sixfold Trial"
Pathfinder Adventure Path #29 - Council of Thieves "Mother of Flies"
Pathfinder Chronicles - Guide to the River Kingdoms
Pathfinder Chronicles - Dungeon Denizens Revisited
Pathfinder Chronicles - Into the Darklands
Pathfinder Chronicles - Guide to Darkmoon Vale
Psionics Unleashed by Dreamscarred Press (Pathfinder roleplaying game compatible)
Psionics Expanded by Dreamscarred Press (Pathfinder roleplaying game compatible)
Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting hardcover book
Pathfinder Bestiary hardcover book
Pathfinder Bestiary 2 hardcover book
Pathfinder Bestiary 3 hardcover book
Realm of the Fellnight Queen Pathfinder module
Hollow's Last Hope GameMastery module PDF printed out in a binder
Pathfinder Chronicles - Gods and Magic
Pathfinder Chronicles - Gazetteer
Pathfinder Player Companion - Adventurer's Armory
Pathfinder Player Companion - Inner Sea Primer
Pathfinder Player Companion - Varisia Birthplace of Legends
Pathfinder Player's Guide - Rise of the Runelords
Pathfinder Player Companion - Animal Archive
Pathfinder Player Companion - Dungeoneer's Handbook  PENDING
Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide hardcover book  PENDING
Pathfinder Ultimate Equipment hardcover book  PENDING
Pathfinder The Inner Sea World Guide hardcover book
Pathfinder Ultimate Magic hardcover book  PENDING





Ultimate Campaign
Advanced Class Guide
Gamemastery Guide

A ton of 'em

A ton of 'em

RotR (6)
Crimson Throne (1, 2 and 3)
Council of Thieves (1)
Kingmaker (5 and 6)
Smuggler's Shiv (1)
Carrion Crown (all)
Jade Regent (6)
Skull and Shackles (all)
Shattered Star (6)
Reign of Winter (all)
Giantslayer (all)
Hell's Rebels (1 and 2)



If you or anyone you know play Pathfinder and wants to swap books, please let me know!  I live up north (Bellingham area) but travel a lot so can work something out, I'm sure.


Stay safe,



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