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Show me your Cheese list!

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Heres the minimal criteria by Gamergeek we used in our last battle;


-10 War Scrolls Total

100 wound army cap

25 wound scroll cap

1-3 Heroes/Wizards

0-3 Warmachines

0-3 Monsters


The only line I would add to this would be that no more than one each of named monster/hero.


Lists would be used to play any Battleplan that GW has published for AoS(randomly determinded),note that the 4 page rules for the game is NOT a Battleplan.


Also note that the "Time of War" rules are essentially in effect for every game of AoS played.These are added rules from the first book released "Mighty Battles".Basically Chaos armies,once per game can roll on a table(if their general is still alive) and have a good chance of bringing another unit or units on to the table.Pretty much the same thing goes for any Order or Destruction armies.These models can come from your collection and do NOT have to be part of the original 100 wound army list as they are not summoned and more a "gift" from the gods.

Of course players may agree not to use this rule addition but just wanted to bring it up as it is listed in the first book as available in all games of AoS.


Post any lists you can dream up,dont need to have the models for it,though if it looks like one I think I can take in any Battleplan I may challenge you,if you have the models of course:)

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Undead Legions-


Nagash Lord of the Undead 16

Vampire Lord 5

Cairn Wraith 4

Varghiest 12

Terrorghiest 14

Spirit Host 9

Zombies 10

Skeleton Archers 10

Dire Wolves 10

Black Knights 10


Using minimum models for each scroll,I have enough models to bring in 2 additional scrolls of the Archers and one each of the Wolves,Zombies and Black Knights.Nice and all but in scenarios that are using a kill percentage I probably wouldn't take advantage of summoning very much.

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