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Spring 40K Old School League: Mission 3 - Mistakes Were Made


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Deployment Zone:


Variable Deployment:

Each deployment zone is divided into three even sections. For each section, you can choose a deployment depth of 6”, 12”, or 18”. Each section must be unique, but can be in any order. Choices are made during Deployment. Your opponent’s choices have no impact on your choices (i.e. both 18” zones could be in the same section.) First turn charges are allowed, so deploy carefully.


Mistakes were made:

Any unit not at full strength can choose to retreat from the battlefield. To retreat, any model in the unit must reach the long table edge in your opponent’s deployment zone. Once the edge has been reached, the entire unit is removed from the game. Vehicles which have lost hull points and multi-wound models who have taken wounds are eligible to retreat. An unwounded Independent Character attached to a unit that is not at full strength cannot retreat with the unit.


Primary Objective: Victory points – see Purge the Alien, Primary Objective (pg. 143)

Secondary Objective: Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker (1 point each)


Deployment: Standard Deployment (pg. 132)

Game Length: Variable game length (pg. 133)

Game Special Rules: Night Fighting (pg. 135), Reserves (pg. 135)


League Bonus Points: Retreat at least one unit – 1 point, Retreat three or more units – 2 points

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