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Spring 40K Old School League: Mission 4 - Threat Range


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Mission 4 – Threat Range


Deployment Zone:




Place an Objective Markers in the center of each Hammer and Anvil deployment zone.


Threat Range:

Each objective will have three threat ranges.

6” – Control Zone / 12” – Strike Zone / 18” – Fire Zone


Your objective is to get more units in a zone than your opponent. At the end of each game turn, evaluate which player controls more zones between both objectives. The player with the most controlled zones will win the turn. First player to win 4 turns will win the game. Units must be fully within a zone to count. Dedicated transports are not counted towards the unit count. In the case of a tie, the player controlling more enemy zone will win the turn. If that is also tied, then both players win the turn.


Primary Objective: Turn scoring, first player to win 4 turns

Secondary Objective: Not used


Deployment: Standard Deployment (pg. 132)

Game Length: Variable game length (pg. 133)

Game Special Rules: Night Fighting (pg. 135), Reserves (pg. 135)


League Bonus Points: Pulling your Goalie: Spend 2+ turns with no friendly units in your Control Zone – 1 point

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