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The Dead Walkers

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An upcoming event at WW.


This one looks really fun too:)




Once again its based on the original School league system they released last summer.It seems to me to be working out pretty well as a casual event format.This event is raising the model count to 40 though.I wonder if previous events were having the games go a bit too quick at 30 models.

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30 models is nothing. Fyreslayers can't even make a working force with 30 models. No infantry based army could...except ogres

30 Models is easily done with Fyreslayers,,,a couple of Magmadroths,2-3 Heros then a few troop blocks.Should match up just fine with any of the other armies.The thing to keep in mind is the Martial str system,some armies builds could even be built to be underdogs,some of the laurels of victory are rather easy to obtain and if a player is gaining double or even triple the laurels from being the UD it can make it near impossible,short of tableing for the opponent to catch up.


I read about one instance were some guy took 30 hero`s to a school league event and didnt win a single round due to having so much martial str,this even after getting 5 laurels for tableing his opponent.Not to mention they probably didnt get any favorate opponent votes running a list like that,heh.

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