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9th age Fantasy Battles Demo Day


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For those that have not seen the post on the Phoenix Nest FB page. I will be running some demos for 9th Age Fantasy Battles (Very well developed, Fan written WFB 9th edition) on Sat. April 30th at 3:00PM at Phoenix nest games in Athens. 


Any and all are welcome to come and participate. I will have at least 4 armies for demo purposes and will try to run several games at one. 


All the rules and army lists can be found and downloaded at the following site, under the "Rules" heading for free. 




The latest version will become the official V-1.0 as of April 30th, so these will be the rules at least until fall, which is when the next review/revisions are scheduled (after the ETC this fall). 


Come out and check out a great fantasy wargame with rank and file troops and an unbroken magic system. 


Corey, aka, The Armored Rock

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