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Spring 40K Old School League: Mission 6 - Tempest

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Deployment Zone:




Place 6 Scouring Objective Markers on the table, see Eternal War: The Scouring (pg. 144)


Wreck the Objective:

For any objective controlled at the end of the assault phase of your player turn, you can choose to wreck the objective. Wrecked Objectives are removed from the table, and will no longer be available for capture.


You can only wreck one objective each turn.


Primary Objective: Highest total of Objective Markers controlled at the end of the game

Secondary Objective: Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker (1 point each)


Deployment: Standard Deployment (pg. 132)

Game Length: Variable game length (pg. 133)

Game Special Rules: Night Fighting (pg. 135), Reserves (pg. 135)


League Bonus Points: Wreck one objective - 1 point, Wreck 2+ objectives - 2 points

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