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Malerion God of Shadows

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So as of the new fluff for Malekith has been Transformed in to Malerion God of the shadow realm.



"In the Realm of Ulgu, a new being awoke. This being with little memory of himself could not control his own solidarity, a fact that enraged him. As his anger grew, so did his physicality, and thus Malerion, once Malekith the Witch King, now a twisted being born of the Chaos-fuelled merging of Malekith and his dragon Seraphon, explored the Thirteen Domains of Ulgu. He found many strange beings but no signs of Aelfkind, apart from one. In a glade of Shadow Daemons he found a bacchanal staged by a enrapturing she-aelf, one that Malerion recognized. His own mother Morathi, changed in ways not recorded. Mother and son, remembering their final actions towards each other in the World That Was, were not happy to be reunited, but made an uneasy truce and united under Sigmar, joining the Great Alliance."


So I stared working on a new model that would show him and a Half Dragon/Half Elf.


Well as i Was working on it I realized there is no warscroll that could repesent the God of shadows. It would have to be a powerful as Nagash. Well order has no scroll like that.


So till they make Malerion a warscroll. I will dub the guy




Hearald of Malerion





I'll either use Malekith old warscroll or a high elf dragon lord.
Not the best paint job( I suck at painting ) but I like him anyway
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