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For those that my be looking to get into the trades,the Plumbing shop I work at is looking to hire on a new laborer/apprentice.The person would likely just be helping and laboring for the first few months to see if the trade is a good fit for them,then moving on to the apprentiship program through the United Plumbers and Steamfitters who have a full training center out in Tualatin.This is a 5 year program which culminates in a building trades journeyman certification as well as the State required statute license for the trade.


Currently the Residential journeyman hourly rate is 27.60 and hour with a full benifits,pention and health package valued at around 14.00 an hour additional.

The Commercial Industrial rate is 41.00 an hour with a similar package as above.

Crown Plumbing being a residential shop does have some of us making the commercial rate usually when its busy but the rate does drop to the residential rate when things slow down...keep in mind that the trades can be very "up and down" at times,,it goes with the buisness.


Apprentices start at a percentage of the Journeyman rate,though I was told this position would start at 15.00 an hour,though I believe the first term apprentice rate is a bit higher than that and increases every 6 mos through the 5 year program until it is 80% of the jouneyman rate.


Crown Plumbing is a shop that originated as the core plumbers under George Morlan Plumbing from many years ago,though was formed as a seperate entity in 1977 but maintains a very close relationship with GMP covering most all of their overload service and non Water Heater work.Ive been in the trade for over 25 years and have worked with GMP for most all of that time,some of it as a shop owner purchasing from them. being linked up with the highest profile plumbing company in the region is a very good thing for someone who may be looking for a career in the plumbing trade.


Applicants will need to be willing to "get dirty",,as in real dirt!,,not the figure of speech kind lol,and when we say things could get sh!tty,,that means...well you get the idea.

Anyhow it all washes off at the end of the day..


For those interested feel free to PM me and ill get the info to you to set up an interview:)

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