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WTS Warhammer quest bitz, set of rules/tiles NOW WITH all the heros $75,WTB/WTT g3 pink horrors


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if anyone would like to add age of sigmar hero to their game, thinking 10 each





One gaunt, 4 familars- 7 set

Two sets of 8 grot scum- 10 each

Two Ogroid- hero wizard 7 each


So new options for the title set, soooo Im putting the one complete set of heros from the box if you get the title set to sweeten the deal. Otherwise the knight questor, doomseekers and warpriest are n.a.


So basically Just add print out tokens for the tzeentch daemons and troops and its a complete set.. Rules, dice, limited edition foil cards, board tiles, gaunt, ogrid, 8 familars, *all the heros* 75



Will ship asap or bring last Saturday session at GG





Oh man those generation three pink horrors with the blue horrors are awesome I WANT THEM..


Currently claimed

knight questor-Malakithe

Gryph-hounds- 3jacks

Tenebrael Shard, Mistweaver Saih, priest, questor- sparkmage

Two doomseekers -geek

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How much were you thinking for the spare guidebooks and tiles?

Thinking 40, and thats dice and cards too..


We can talk about some of the villains after wd121, tho only the hero minator and familars are likely.


and re: priest/hounds not sure he only asked for hounds in leaks thread before i thought of price

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