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For Sale: Tau Enclaves Army

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I am looking to sell my suit-heavy Tau army. Loved the concept, just didn't turn out to be my play style. The army includes:


  1. A Commander in resin, unpainted
  2. Riptide and two Shielded Missile Drones, painted
  3. Three Crisis Suit units with all gun drones and various weapon options, painted
  4. One 12 man Fire Warrior squad with rifles, mixed painted/primed
  5. Two Piranhas, painted (one is need of some repair to the entry hole for the skimmer base)
  6. Three Stealth Suits with Burst Cannons, partially painted
  7. One Hammerhead, unpainted


I would like to sell the lot for $200, but I am willing to sell it in chunks if that works out better. I've attached a picture so you can get an idea of the paint scheme I was using.


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